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Skill Slide

COREFX offers a fun new way to get in shape quickly and effectively. The Skill Slide will help you reach your goals in no time! Get comfortable with the COREFX Skill Slide! Be prepared for a new challenge as you tackle different obstacles. You can improve your endurance, strength, and balance as you work on your entire body. Break a sweat and improve your fitness with the Skill Slide by COREFX. The COREFX Skill Slide is a slide board that combines cardio, resistance training, speed & agility, balance, flexibility, and core exercises to tone and shape key muscle groups. This slide board is an extreme calorie-burner that incorporates high intensity and low impact training to not only strengthen accessory muscles groups but also to build a strong core, healthy posture, and confidence!
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The COREFX Skill Slide is not just for dryland skating or hockey training, it is a slide board that can be used as a training tool in various types of training applications. The slide board uses a proprietary mat surface that has a non-slip surface on one side to hold the mat in place while the user stays in motion. The board can be adjusted in any length up to 8 feet, allowing the user to adjust and challenge their lateral training as they increase in their power and endurance. The COREFX Skill Slide rolls up easily and can be neatly stored away. Comes with booties that can be worn over running shoes.
This Skill Slide has been designed specifically to minimize the impact on your knees and legs while also catering to the needs of many high-performance exercises, such as those used in training for popular sports.
Close up look at the COREFX Skill Slide
Push Bar
If a push bar is a necessity, a sturdy extruded aluminum push bar is even more of a necessity. Our users have the confidence that they have a tool that won’t break on them.
& Versatile
One size fits all! The Skill Slide is fully adjustable to any length up to eight feet, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their workout.


and Ultra-Smooth Surface

Gone are the days of slipping off your mat. The new Skill Slide has a dual-purpose non-slip surface to keep your mat in place and an ultra-smooth sliding surface for guaranteed movement.

Additional information

Weight 6.34 lb
Dimensions 29 × 6.25 × 6.25 in

• DUAL PUPRPOSE MAT: Proprietary plastic mat has a non-slip surface on one side to hold the mat in place and an ultra-smooth sliding surface on the other.
• BOOTIES AND CARRYING BAG INCLUDED: Booties fit over normal shoes and enable smooth sliding motion.
• ADJUSTABLE: The Skill Slide is fully adjustable to any length up to eight feet.
• REINFORCED PUSH BAR: Extruded aluminum push bar will not break or deform under intense usage.
• MINIMAL IMPACT, HIGH PERFORMANCE: Specially designed to provide minimal impact on your knees and legs while catering to many high-performance exercises, including training for popular sports. Suitable for professional hockey training or general fitness!

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