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Single-Sided Medicine Ball Rack

Show off your medicine ball with this single-sided rack. This easy-to-mount rack is designed specifically for medicine balls and is ideal for the gym or home gym. Made of steel to last a lifetime and engineered with quality craftsmanship, this rack will keep your weight balls safely in place. This storage rack will hold up to five fully loaded medicine balls and is meant for homes, gyms, and commercial use. Assembled size: 19″ Width  x 20″ Depth x 60″ Height Maximum individual ball diameter: 11″ Contact for shipping quote. Available for free pick-up.
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This sturdy single-sided rack holds 5 medicine balls securely. No more clutter in your home gym, organize your exercise balls vertically, saving space and displaying beautifully. This is a great storage solution for the Medicine Balls and Slam Balls.
Your Home Gym
At last, a simple and effective way to organize your home gym. No more clutter and scattered fitness balls. Place your medicine balls on this wall ball rack and feel the satisfaction of a neat, clean home gym.
12 lb medicine ball on single sided medicine ball rack
Single Sided Medicine Ball Rack with Medicine Balls
Don’t let poor-quality equipment stand in the way of your success! Our durable, single-sided medicine ball rack is built to last. Constructed of high-quality, welded, steel tubing, this rack won’t bend under the weight of your numerous workout balls.
Single Sided Medicine Ball Rack with Medicine Balls
This is the perfect product for home fitness enthusiasts who want to use medicine balls or slam balls for getting more fit. It takes up little space and you can store it easily.
Single Sided Medicine Ball Rack with Medicine Balls



Featuring shelves on just one side, the Single-Sided Medicine Ball Rack can be placed against a wall, out of the way of gym-goers and workout machines. The slim design makes it easier to display medicine balls without taking up too much space.
single medicine ball on the single sided med ball rack

Additional information

Weight 9.16 lb
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

GREAT FOR GYMS OR HOME WORKOUT ROOMS. Easily assemble this high-quality storage solution for your medicine ball collection.

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