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Rocker Board

Say hello to the Rocker Board, your new fitness buddy that will get you fit without you even noticing! Rock your way to the goal of achieving the best shape of your life! The Rocker Board fires up your stabilizer muscles while adding variation to your usual workout routine. Improve your performance in any number of sports. Features treaded EVA/TPE foam cylinder base allowing for a challenging balance side to side. Also features a large textured non-slip grippy surface and 8 cm base height allowing for a variety of foot, hand or sitting positions. Great for improving balance, coordination and strength.
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The COREFX Rocker Board provides you with a low-impact workout that helps improve your strength, coordination, agility, reaction time, and core stability.
Modern design meets ancient tradition in our Rocker Board. This ingenious balance board balances like a see-saw to strengthen your core, improve your agility, reaction time, and stamina, and prevent back pain.
close up of the rocker board
Core Strength
Among athletes, the Rocker Board is the ultimate training tool that is designed to improve balance, coordination while targeting the core muscles of your body.
balance exercise wither rocker board
with Other Tools
Any basic exercise can be turned into an exciting full-body challenge with the COREFX Rocker Board. With this board, you will be able to pair battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, and much more!
stability exercise with the COREFX rocker board and medicine ball



With its easy-grip surface, the Rocker Board keeps you safely and securely in place and feels soft on your bare feet. The board’s bottom is covered in an incredibly thick, non-slip coating that prevents slippage on virtually any flooring material.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lb
Dimensions 23.5 × 15 × 4 in

The COREFX Rocker Board is a low impact tool that is compact, making it great for the office, home and at the gym. Helps improve your balance, posture and tones core and leg muscles.

The COREFX Rocker Board is a fun, simple workout that develops coordination and muscle control. Perfect training activity for skiing, aerobics dancing, and athletes of all kids.
Great for physical education or physical therapy actives that focus on range of motion and weight shifting activities. Also a perfect standing desk accessory.

Transform any basic exercise into an exciting full body challenge with the COREFX Rocker board. We like to pair the board with our range of Battle Ropes, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell and much more!

Wouldn't it be great if it was possible to figure out what you really wanted and then achieve it? COREFX makes that possible.

Motivation and atmosphere are not always easy to come by when it comes to getting in shape. COREFX equipment is designed to motivate people to get started and keep them on track once they get there!

What are you waiting for? Achieve total body fitness and flexibility while increasing stamina and agility with this Rocker Board!


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