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Pro Loops
COREFX pushes you to be the best you. This is why COREFX introduced the Pro Loops so you can unleash your inner pro! Take your pro-looping to the next level with COREFX pro-loops. Ideal for strengthening, toning, rehabilitation, and stretching, they’re the next step in your workout schedule! The COREFX Pro Loops are 10″ x 2″ with four resistances available, these resistance bands are great for any fitness level and are great for targeting your lower body!
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The Pro Loops can be added to a wide range of exercises to turn up the dial on your workout. Take them to the gym, use them at home or bring them with you when you travel so that you can always give yourself the challenge you need. Our loops are made with the highest quality, 100% natural latex, with a smooth outer texture to stay in place. The smooth finish also prevents our bands from pulling at your hair or skin, ensuring you have the most comfortable workout possible!
Buttery-soft and stretchy, the Pro-Loops are so versatile they can be integrated seamlessly into every popular workout program. From cardio to warming up before strenuous workouts to strenuous resistance training, you will see your fitness goals reach the next level right from the comfort of your home.
For Both
Beginners & Pros
Whether it’s at the fitness club or your home gym, our resistant Pro Loops are designed to give first-timers and experienced athletes a resistance workout that will take their game to the next level.
Your Health & Fitness
The Pro Loops keep muscles loose and warm which aids in injury prevention, eliminates stiffness and soreness, and prevents illness. It’s an ideal choice if you are looking to improve your flexibility, circulation, and core strength.
Female athlete using the medium pro loop



We understand it can be hard to find a good set of resistance loop bands, which is why we use only 100% medical-grade latex that’s been tested and inspected by a lab!

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• AVAILABLE AS A SET OR INDIVIDUAL: The Pro Loops are available individually or as a set of 4!
• 4 RESISTANCE BANDS: Bands available in a Light/Red: 5-7lbs, Medium/Grey: 10-12lbs, Heavy/Blue: 15-20lbs, X Heavy/Black: 20-30lbs.
• FOR BEGINNER OR ADVANCED ATHLETES: The set provides a light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy band that can be used alone for various exercises, or you can combine the resistance together & get many different resistance levels for your workouts.
• PORTABLE AND VERSATILE: Light and compact to travel, perfect whether you are at home, the gym, in a yoga, Pilates, cross-fit class, or with your physical therapist. • PHYSICAL THERAPIST APPROVED: Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers incorporate bands into their practice, especially those suffering from a torn MCL a torn ACL, or people recovering from knee replacement surgery.
• QUALITY TESTED AND INSPECTED: Pro Loops are made from 100% medical grade latex that has been quality tested and inspected.

COREFX isn’t just about workout equipment! It’s about keeping you fit while you are on a constant move!

We are a community built with a group of people with the same goal of getting fit regardless of the place and situation!

Don't let your training go unlooped; instead, take advantage of this Pro Loop! Get yours ASAP!


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