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Power System
Install a power system in your workout routine! Get stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever before with the COREFX Power System. Turn up the fun with this easy-to-use power training tool that allows both novice and elite athletes to develop explosive power and endurance. The durable Power System is an easy-on / easy-off vest that is apart of our sled and harness family, featuring a reinforced internal webbing structure, all steel belt fasteners, soft grip handles, and steel anchors (one front, one back.) The COREFX Power System is great for one athlete’s use or for multiple athletes in a larger training facility. The Power System delivers maximum durability and superior performance, that will help you stay connected and comfortable while building core strength, endurance and leg power!
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Power System helps to increase your explosive power and endurance! The COREFX Power System aligns perfectly with our sleds and harnesses, featuring an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design that is fully lined, with padded shoulder straps and a washable interior. With the 8.3′ dual sled strap with heavy duty carabineers, and tow d-ring soft grip pull handles.
in a Bag
Build strength, endurance, and leg power with this light and portable Power System from COREFX. It is easy to carry and quick to set up, giving you a full-body workout wherever you are.
of Exercises
The COREFX Power System is the first on the market with a set of handles so you can not only push or drag but also twist and rotate as you perform your sled exercises. The power of the COREFX is unparalleled as it offers so much versatility in training.
Improve Your
Explosive Power
The COREFX Power System is a great training tool to improve your explosion on the field. COREFX is guaranteed to deliver an intense workout experience that will not only increase your explosive power but produce results that you will love!



Constructed with a reinforced internal webbing structure, steel belt fasteners, and a high-quality steel anchor system, the COREFX Power System lets you train like a pro and helps you build your core strength and endurance!

Additional information

Weight 0.74 lb
Dimensions 5.26 × 11.02 × 4.72 in

• TOP QUALITY: Heavy duty nylon with reinforced stitching, to outlast even the toughest workouts.
• VERSATILE: The harness is a great accessory that can be used with either the drag sled or pull sled for a wide variety of exercises.
• ADJUSTABLE: Features an adjustable belt, designed to fit everyone!

Providing you with the essentials so that you can achieve the best shape for yourself is what makes us COREFX!

Whether you want to hit the gym or work out at home, COREFX has always made sure that you have the right equipment at the right time to achieve the best shape yourself.

COREFX brings you the Power System, allowing you to power up your workout schedule right from your home! Order yours today!


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