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Landmine Handle
Get your next workout off the ground with the COREFX Landmine Handle! Being a strong and functional tool, the landmine handle aims to maximize the potential of your workouts. Made of a single piece of steel, this tough-looking Landmine Handle can engage the arms, abs, glutes, back, and more to work out. Growing in popularity by the year, landmines and landmine attachments are a versatile training accessory that is safe and easy-to-use. Landmine exercises allow users to train in multiple planes while targeting a number of muscle groups. Thanks to a multitude of rotational exercise possibilities, landmines improve strength and power while working the stabilizing muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. Trainers and strength coaches alike love landmines because they’re safe, easy-to-use and most importantly, effective. Landmines are ideal for large groups without the fear of injury due to improper form or lack of supervision. The COREFX Landmine Handle features a 1.25″ handle, and a 3.25″ ball. The Landmine weighs 7.10 lbs, and is easy to lock-down for added safety, 23.25″ L x 3.25″ W.
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The COREFX Landmine Handle is a simple, portable training tool that provides a solution for increasing an athlete’s overall explosiveness and range-of-motion . It’s a training accessory that can be used in conjunction with the Landmine Post and works with almost any Olympic bar. The contoured ball is great for grip-strength style training and allows for various single and double hand grips.
More Muscle
COREFX aims to reduce training time and achieve more muscle growth with this landmine handle! Strong and sturdy, yet easy on your hands, this Landmine handle helps stimulate the muscles in your shoulder, back, etc.
The Landmine Handle is a simple yet innovative gym accessory that will have you working muscles in your back and arms you never knew existed. In addition to targeting all the major muscles in your back, it also allows you to perform a variety of exercises for your shoulders, core and pulling muscles in your arms.
Designed to last, this Landmine Handle is expertly crafted using thick steel with Electrostatic Powder Coating. This provides a protective layer against metal wear and tear, reducing calluses on your palms when you’re lifting.


to Install

Turn your standard barbell into a landmine instantly by securing this attachment to the free end of the tube. The handle effortlessly slides over the sleeve of any standard-sized barbell without causing any scratches or damages!

Additional information

Weight 0.54 lb
Dimensions 23.46 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

• EASY TO INSTALL: Insert bar into the sleeve & you are ready to go!
• FULL 360 DEGREE SWIVEL: Full range swivel up & down for variety of exercises. Great for total body core workout: traps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, hamstrings & much more.
• ULTIMATE GRIP: Contoured ball handle for comfort and safety.
• HEAVY GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of thick steel with Electrostatic Power Coating for overall grip and durability.

Get the best shape of your life with the help of COREFX equipment, because COREFX is YOU!

Throughout the years, COREFX has brought together people who are passionate about keeping their bodies fit. With our equipment, you can strengthen your muscles, build endurance, and burn calories right in your own backyard.

Make your workout place a landmine with this unique Landmine Handle! Are you ready to grab yours?


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