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High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball

Need relief from tight, sore muscles? The High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball can help you relax and relieve hard-to-reach areas. With a precisely balanced design, the High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball is an excellent companion for all your massages after a hard workout. Squeeze it. Mold it. Roll it. Use the Foam Massage Ball to relieve aches and pains, or just to relax your muscles. The High Density Foam Massage Ball was created with high density EVA foam. This unique foam is very dense, yet compresses to target the tissue, keeping the muscles and fascia healthy. With the ball‘s 5-inch diameter, it elevates the body to better target hard to reach areas such as the hips, shoulders and back muscles for relief and recovery at home or on-the-go.
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The COREFX 5 inch High Density Foam Massage Ball is a firm foam roller that handles the high-use demands of sports training, pilates, fitness and physical therapy. The Foam Massage ball is intended to relax muscles, improve joint flexibility, sports performance and prevent injuries.
Our High-Density Foam Massage Ball is perfect for stretching out sore muscles as you move through your day. Using high-density foam, it is designed to reduce injury recovery time and break up fatigue and tightness.
Detail photo showing the COREFX logo on the 5in massage ball
Blood Circulation
Self-myofascial release techniques done using the foam roller help promote blood and lymphatic flow, allowing nutrients to reach the cells to help heal, relieve pain, or enhance performance.
Group photo of the COREFX wave foam roller, 5in foam massage ball, and the peanut foam roller
Muscle Injury
To help release tight muscles, improve range of motion, and prevent injury, our collection of foam rollers offers the perfect balance of cushioning and support. The COREFX foam products are ideal for beginners as well as elite athletes.



With the high-density EVA foam roller, you can self-massage your body and improve its metabolism. This is the perfect exercise for people suffering from back pain or who just want to stay fit and healthy.
close up of the texture on the COREFX 5in foam massage ball

Additional information

Weight 0.55 lb
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Why You Need It
The High Density Foam Massage Ball will help your relieve tightness while restoring movement and mobility throughout your entire body. Provides maximum firmness built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding foam roller applications.

How It Helps
The 5 inch Foam Massage Ball covers large areas providing extra leverage, helping to better target hard to reach muscle groups areas such as the hips, shoulders and back muscles for instant relief.

What You Can Do With It
The COREFX High Density Massage Ball is an effective tool that will help you reduce post workout soreness in the back, legs, neck, IT-Band, and shoulder muscles. Use your body weight on the floor, or up against a wall to help relieve muscle pain and improve mobility. Watch our videos to see how to get the most out of your High Density Foam Roller.

You can count on COREFX as a community that is always there for you. We understand your needs, so we put your needs first.

It doesn't matter where you train, we've got you covered and that's what we've been doing for over 10 years!

Achieve faster recovery time, relief from aches and pains, and enhanced athletic performance with this High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball! Order yours now!


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