COREFX Strength Bands

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The COREFX Strength Bands provide you with a more intense workout as it incorporates resistance training, which can help tone and sculpt specific areas! Looking for a challenge? Combine multiple resistance bands to increase your gains.


The COREFX Strength Bands are made from premium-grade rubber for the highest quality finish that can stand up to the most intense resistance band training sessions! The Strength Bands help with stretching, toning, and strengthening by targeting specific muscles to improve performance in sports or meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner, a fitness fanatic or even an Olympic athlete, our resistance bands are made for you!

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0.5", 15-35 LB (Red), 0.86", 25-65 LB (Black), 1.3", 35-85 LB (Purple), 1.8", 50-125 LB (Orange), 2.5", 65-175 LB (Green), 3.3", 85-230 LB (Blue)


• MOST VERSATILE FITNESS EQUIPMENT ON THE MARKET: COREFX Strength bands provide an easy way to help you perform better. Train solo or with a partner for sports, fitness, injury rehabilitation, yoga, body shaping, weight-loss and physical therapy. • QUALITY RUBBER: COREFX Bands are made with premium-grade rubber in a revolutionary continuous-layering process to maximize durability. • VARIED INTENSITY: Get kitted out with the full set to add increasing levels of resistance. • HELP WITH ASSISTED TRAINING: Use Strength Bands to help with pullups, muscle ups, or other bodyweight exercises. They help men and women develop muscle memory and confidence when learning these techniques. • INCREASE STRENGTH TRAINING: Add a Strength Band to your squats, lunges, mountain climbers, leg lifts, kickbacks, planks, flutter kicks, hip extensions, leg lifts and many more! • INCREASE FLEXIBILITY: Strength Bands help to warm up, stretch and recover. Use them to work your arms and shoulders, hamstrings, legs, glutes, hamstrings and thighs.

3 reviews for COREFX Strength Bands

  • From warming up, extra added resistance for exercises to even post workout stretches. The strength band is a very versatile small tool I recommend everyone to one in their gym bag. I love how the band can target many muscle groups if used correctly. Definitely one of my favourite corefx products they have. I personally like to use the red band. My favourite exercise to use the band with are bent over barbell rows.

  • I incorporate the use of bands to all my workouts from the use of bands while stretching before my workout to increasing weight and resistance with my training..

  • Strength bands are my absolute go to for warmup! I’m jokingly called the band lady at the gym because I always carry around a bag of bands! They are amazing for mobility work and help you instantly improve your movement patterns during resistance training! I 100% recommend to all my clients !

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