COREFX Muscle Activator

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$32.39 CAD

Myofascial trigger points are extremely irritable spots in the fascia around skeletal muscle, and are related to deep knots in stiff bands of muscle fibers. The COREFX Muscle Activator features a 3” size massage ball that easily reaches smaller muscle areas, letting you utilize the grooves to shear apart any stiff muscle fibers that have become bunched together.

The COREFX Muscle Activator is a massage ball with several superior qualities that set it apart from standard offerings. After strenuous exercise, muscle fibers need some care to help them achieve their maximum potential. We don’t all have time for an expensive massage so the Muscle Activator provides the next best thing. The Muscle Activator has a unique ergonomically formed surface that fluctuates for various angles of attack on tense muscles, creating optimal pressure to target deep trigger points to break up knots and restore mobility. The Muscle Activator is composed of high density rubber material that is hygienic, durable, recyclable, hypoallergenic and latex free, designed to help you recover faster!

Weight 0.12 lb
Dimensions 3.3 × 3.3 × 3.3 in

• SUPER DENSE: COREFX Muscle Activator can be pressed deep into your muscles to relieve pain and provide relief for hard to reach muscles. • UNIQUE PATTERNED GROOVES: Muscle shearing tread is designed to work out knots that even skilled masseuses have a hard time reaching. • DEEP TISSUE TREATMENT: Super dense material and grooves help large muscle groups that need special care to recover and grow stronger after strenuous exercise. The deep knobs reach far into inner muscles & joints to separate the muscles and iron out knots, relive tightness & improve circulation for immediate and long-term results. • LATEX FREE: Made with thermoplastic high density rubber that is water resistant, easy to clean, recyclable and hypoallergenic.

1 review for COREFX Muscle Activator

  • A regular lacrosse ball just doesn’t do it anymore! My gym bag is now not complete without the muscle activator. I find it to be the perfect size to roll your glutes on! This is a staple on recovery days and my muscles definitely thank me for that. I have noticed that I am able to progress sooner because of the way this product allows my body to recover.

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