Dual Surface Gliders

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The COREFX Dual Surface Gliders are sliders that can provide you with a full body toning and sculpting workout. When it comes to strength, it starts with the core. Built to engage your core through a variety of exercises with the gliding discs!

The gliders are created with a low-friction, non-marking bottom that slides on virtually any surface. The hard plastic side of the disc is to be used on carpeted floor surfaces, while the softer felt side, is to be used on surfaces such as hardwood flooring.

Why You Need It

The Dual Surface Gliders can help you improve your mobility, flexibility and balance. Through a variety of bodyweight exercises, the unique movements allow you to get the most out of your workout!

COREFX surface gliders

How It Helps

These core sliders helps strengthen and condition your entire body with a low-impact but high intensity & effective abdominal workout. The sliders can help tone up your arms, this magical fitness equipment can be used to target all muscles groups, from quadriceps to abs and glutes.

What You Can Do With It

The sliders are great for lunges, squats and upper body movements to target muscles groups, from your abs to glutes, add mini loop bands to tone up your arms & legs. The disks are also very effective within physical therapy, as the discs offer less compression while adding resistance to your cardio workout.

COREFX surface gliders

The Dual Surface Gliders will help you tone, sculpt and challenge your abs, chest, arms and legs as you use your bodyweight to target select muscle groups!

The sliders feature layered felt for gliding on hard surfaces and detachable ABS plastic bases for gliding on Carpet. Work on your core strength with the gliders on your hands, knees or feet while performing a variety of exercises from push-ups to mountain-climbers. These core sliders feature unique, textured foam cushion to provide traction and support. Keep the gliders together while traveling with a light, mesh carry-case.

Check out our training area for our dual surface glider workouts.

Weight 0.34 lb
Dimensions 7.5 × 2.25 × 10 in


• TRAIN YOUR CORE: Place the gliders under your hands, feet or knees to strengthen and tone your upper and lower body. • UNIQUE FOAM GRIP: Provides a layer of cushioning, support and traction. • INCLUDES: Two sliders, two plastic bases and a carry bag to keep it all together. • GET YOUR 6-PACK: It’s time to build your core strength with fun and challenging exercises with the COREFX Gliders! • PORTABLE: Small and easy to pack so you can workout in the convince of your home, the gym or when travelling. Our discs are perfect for every scenario so you can get in a great abdominal workout anywhere!

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  • Great product. I am amazed with the quality of these dual surface gliders. At first glance I thought they would only be used for abs, but ever since I used the product and the corefx guide it has become clear that this product can be used for arms, legs, back, & so much more. I will definitely be trying more products.

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