COREFX Anti-Burst Ball

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The COREFX Anti-Burst Ball increases the efficiency of your workout by engaging and strengthening your core. The exercise ball features high density professional quality of non-toxic PVS material, free from latex, lead, and phthalates!


Why You Need It

The COREFX Anti-Burst Ball can help with improving your overall physical balance and stability.

COREFX Medicine Ball

How It Helps

The COREFX Anti-Burst Ball is an exceptional device for toning, sculpting and carving your shoulders, arms, thighs, abs and more. You can also reap additional benefits such as relaxed muscles, lowered tension, impact-free joint pain relief, and ache alleviation during and after pregnancy. You can even replace your desk chair with the Anti-Burst Ball!

What You Can Do With It

The COREFX Anti-Burst Ball is an effective tool that will increase your strength and speed. Watch our videos to see how to get the most out of your Anti-Burst Ball.

COREFX Medicine Ball

The COREFX Anti-Burst Ball is one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment that you can add to your workout collection. This exercise ball helps to improve your concentration and balance and delivers a low-impact workout while providing maximum results. Whether you’re using the Anti-Burst Ball to perform elevated push-ups, planks, improving posture, or back bends and bridges, this ball can provide you with it all.

Available in two different sizes to accommodate your specific height 55cm for 5’1″ – 5’8″ and 65cm for 5’9″ – 6’2″.

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• EXTRA THICK AND ANTI-BURST: A high density exercise ball with an anti-burst rating of 580lbs. • HIGH QUALITY ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Commercial grade quality with non-toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy metals. • ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: With a smooth surface punctuated by fine embossed lines, the Anti-Burst Ball becomes easier to hold, grip, toss, bounce, or squeeze even when there’s heavy sweat. • VERSATILE: Perfect for different types of yoga, practice, pilates, back and abdominal training and pregnancy gymnastics or the hundreds of low impact exercises, but also can be used as an office chair to help improve your posture & relieve back pain. • SIZING: The size of ball can vary depending on your height, leg length, and purpose of the ball. The correct size ball will allow for a 90-degree angle at your knees and your thighs to parallel the floor while sitting on top. Available in two sizes, 55cm for 4’2”- 5’6” and 65cm for 5’7” – 5’11”.


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