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Braided Battle Rope

Your workout just got more effective, efficient, and fun with this Braided Battle Rope! The ideal combination of fun and fitness, our Braided Battle Rope will fill the space between your favorite exercises! The battle rope is an awesome training tool designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and dramatically improve your total-body strength. The COREFX Braided Battle Ropes are a simple tool that virtually anyone can use, providing you with an efficient, low-impact workout that works all your muscles at once – including your grip strength. The Battle Rope will help to dramatically increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast. The goal here is to always keep the rope moving, so you’re constantly engaging your legs, upper body and core muscles – while you burn loads of calories. This constant motion adds an explosive and dynamic aspect to your workout that you just don’t get with traditional weight training. It is 1.5-Inch in diameter and comes in two different lengths 30 ft (15 LB) and 50 ft (23 LB).
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The COREFX Braided Battle Rope has been tested against other battle ropes and has consistently dominated the competition. Specifically, the Braided Battle Rope is very different than our other Battle Ropes, as it’s made from durable braided polyester over a multifilament polypropylene core to give it an extremely durable and long lasting lifespan. The Battle Rope features very comfortable grips that are made of handball cloudy material for extreme grip. A powerful choice for CrossFit trainers, general fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes. It provides an especially great workout for boxers, swimmers, martial artists, and players of baseball, basketball, football, and tennis.
Full Body
The Braided Battle Rope is the perfect addition to every fitness routine. It is an overall full-body workout that can enhance your overall health, increase your metabolic rate, and burn fat with cardiovascular training.
Our double-braided polyester goes through a special process that makes it stronger and smoother. Combining all the strength and durability of a heavy rope with the pliancy of a jump rope, it won’t lose its bounce.
It’s so much more than just a piece of equipment. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged to increase the heart rate, but among the most popular is an undulating movement that causes the ropes to move in waves. Approach this tool with an open mind and you will be introduced to an all-new world of exercise possibilities.



The grips are made of high-quality polyurethane leather, so it’s not just for looks. No matter how vigorous the battle rope exercise is, you still feel comfortable with the grip.

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The Braided Battle Rope offers an overall full body workout that is both fast and extremely effective! Including the Battle Rope into your workout will take your cardio to the next level, while increasing your reaction time and metabolic rate!

Our Braided Battle Rope is a very popular resistance tool for strength training, as it engages the hands, arms, shoulders, back, core, and even the legs (when squats are incorporated) for a full-body workout. Use the rope to sculpt muscles, improve endurance, kick your cardio up a notch, and burn calories.

The COREFX Battle Rope also known as a battling rope, combat rope, fitness rope, training rope, undulation rope, conditioning rope has an endless amount of exercises that you can incorporate into your workout. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, but among the most popular are undulating movements that cause the ropes to move in waves.

To do so, take one end of the rope in each hand and start making alternating “waves” by moving each arm up and down. Once you have the hang of that, move to double waves, with both arms going up and down at the same time. These two exercises are just the beginning of what you can do with the battle rope.

– Add squats, lunges, jump squats or lateral jumps while working the ropes
– Try holding a plank while moving the rope up and down with one arm
– Holding the rope ends in your hands, add a burpee between waves

COREFX, a community-based brand, has served people for 10 years and looks forward to serving no matter what the situation!

COREFX understands that fitness is important to many health-conscious individuals all over the world. The goal of our fitness equipment is to support those who want to achieve the best shape of their lives!

So why wait? Order yours ASAP!




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