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Battle Rope

Take swings and slams to a whole new level with our Battle Rope! It’s not a tool to be overlooked! This amazing piece of exercise tool helps develop endurance and strength through a simple but challenging exercise! It increases heart rate and develops core, forearm, and grip strength. While you can’t change the weight of the rope, you can adapt the speed, intensity and duration of your rope workout. Start slowly and work your way up once your fitness improves. The COREFX Battle Rope is a powerful choice for CrossFit trainers, general fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes. It provides an especially great workout for boxers, swimmers, martial artists, and players of baseball, basketball, football, and tennis. The COREFX Battle Rope is 1.5-Inch in diameter and 50-Feet in length and weighs 27 lbs. and has a heat-sealed plastic boot cover for each handle.
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This Battle Rope is made from 100-Percent premium grade nylon meaning it has the ultimate undulation properties compared to any other material, and has a superior lifespan that will not shed or shrink over time. Using the Battle Rope provides you with an efficient, low-impact workout that works all your muscles at once – including your grip strength. The Battle Rope will help to dramatically increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast. This is due to the fact that the goal is to always keep the rope moving, so you’re constantly engaging your legs, upper body and core muscles – while you burn loads of calories. This constant motion adds an explosive and dynamic aspect to your workout that you just don’t get with traditional weight training.
Unlike other gym equipment, Battle Ropes are so much more than just another exercise tool. The rope’s flexible design makes it easy to take anywhere, from home to the gym, park, or beach, and back again. All you need is a stable anchor, like a tree or a pole, and you’re good to go!
Close-up details of Battle Rope
Body Workout
Get into shape quickly and efficiently with the COREFX battle rope. It engages the hands, upper body, lower body, and core all at the same time in a functional movement to help you get a great workout session in no time!
Battle Rope on gym floor
The COREFX Battle Rope is made with heavy-duty materials and includes a heat seal plastic handle with a finger loop for excellent grip. This heavy-duty battle rope can withstand rigorous physical training.


COREFX battle ropes are made to endure the stress of gyms or outdoor conditions. These durable ropes are easy to flex, bend, and tie around objects for varying workouts.
Battle Rope Rolled

Additional information

Weight 11.82 lb
Dimensions 15.5 × 12 × 12 in

• DURABLE: This 100% premium grade nylon rope is the choice for trainers as it won’t shred, fray or shrink like old school manila ropes.
• SIZED RIGHT: At 1.5” in diameter, 50’ long and weighing 27 pounds, this battle rope is the perfect size, no matter what your size may be.
• GET A GRIP: The heat-sealed plastic handles guarantee you’ll hang on tight no matter how vigorous the battle rope exercise is.
• VERSATILE: Use it in the gym, take it outside and wrap it around a tree, or share the battle rope workout with your partner.
• EASY SET UP: The battle ropes flexible design makes it easy to roll up and take almost anywhere- from home to the gym, park, or beach and back again. All that is needed is a stable anchor, like a tree or a pole, and you’re ready to go! It can also be stored out of the way when not in use.

Meet COREFX, the fitness brand that’s designed to fit your life—not the other way around!

Whether you’re looking to take your workout outside or squeeze it into a small room, COREFX offers all you need to get back to being fit. With products for every type of fitness enthusiast, COREFX has everything you need to sculpt the body you want.

So what are you waiting for? Get this Battle Rope today!

1 review for Battle Rope

  1. Sarah Gregan

    Perfect for HIIT training, warm ups and burn outs! It can be used at any moment of the workout and provide good cardiovascular training. I have had issues with other ropes unraveling from excessive use. However the CoreFX ones are a lot stronger and are able to take the grunt of your workout without deteriorating.

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