Barbell Pad

$21.99 CAD

The COREFX Barbell Pad features an anti-slip foam cushioning to help reduce the risk of injury and relieve pressure during barbell squats and hip thrusts. This Extra thick foam cushioning also protects your neck, shoulders, upper back and hips, so you can  go ahead and add more weight to your barbell without worrying about discomfort, while maximizing your gains.


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Top Quality

Made of anti-slip foam cushioning, reducing the risk of slippage and improve grip, helping to absorb all shocks for increased comfort and reduced injury.

Barbell Pad

No Straps Needed

Features a fitted slit for easy application. Remove the barbell pad in the blink of an eye.

Barbell Pad

Build Your Best Booty

We’ve worked hard on creating a Barbell Pad that can help you lift heavier in the safest way with extreme comfort.

Barbell Pad

The COREFX Barbell Pad helps relieve painful pressure on your neck and vertebrae while you squat, and reduced pressure on your hips or pubis, allowing you to focus on your lift!

Simply slip on the bar pad and concentrate on your workout!

Weight 0.23 lb
Dimensions 17 × 4 × 4 in

WHY YOU NEED IT: The COREFX Barbell Pad allows you to focus on your form without any pain. It’s foam cushioning is specifically designed to fit around your neck for even weight distribution across the shoulders relieving neck pressure while squatting. In addition, the cushion provides extra support to avoid weight discomfort on your hips while doing hip thrusts.

HOW IT HELPS: Have you ever experienced a sore upper back after squats or bruised hips after hip thrusts? Our Barbell pad is designed with extra thick foam padding that can help you push your limits and get the results you’ve been wanting.

WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT: We’re all aware of the benefits barbell squats and hip thrusts can have on building a booty. Our Barbell Pad helps you reach your goals in comfort and in style.


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