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Barbell Collars

Be safe while you’re clanging and banging with the premium barbell collars by COREFX. Incorporate our collection of COREFX Barbells safely into your exercise routine and start throwing around heavy weights with the help of these aluminum barbell collars. Whether you’re bench pressing, squatting, deadlifting or any other compound movement, the barbell collars are essential. Manufactured from advanced aircraft grade aluminum, these barbell collars are perfect for any standard Olympic barbell or Crossfit bar. Our barbell collar has a rubberized lining to ensure a good grip and protect the bar for long term use. Easy lock and release design means you can quickly change your plates on your barbell in no time and get those gains. Elevate your strength training, weight lifting and home workouts with this precision machined aluminum barbell collar. Sold in pairs
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The COREFX Barbell Collars are made from the same type of aluminum alloy used in aircrafts so rest assured these collars can keep up with your intense workout! A replacement for your traditional barbell clips, these collars can withstand repeated, high-impact drops and allow for you to easily adjust your weights through one click. These aren’t for the meek. Made for those pushing their workouts to the CFXtreme.
Made to perfectly work with our COREFX Barbells and Olympic Barbells. These barbell collars are made of aluminum, making them more secure than nylon collars and ensure a secure closure.
Barbell Collars on the gym floor with Cerakote Barbell
An adjustable clasp that uses one-click lock to pop on within seconds. Transition through super sets are a breeze.
For 2.0
Olympic Bars
The collars will fit any standard 50 mm Olympic bar or COREFX barbell. Lined with rubber to grip and protect the bar for long term use.
Details of Cerakote Barbell and Stacked Barbell Collars


& Effective

These collars have been designed to withstand thousands of reps in your home gym, commercial gym or any other exercise environment.
– Fits 2.0” Bars
– 0.4 lbs. each
– 1.5″ Width
– Rubber lining
– One-click lock
– Precision machined aluminum
Red Aluminum Barbell Collars Stacked as a Pair

Additional information

Weight .8 lb
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

Why You Need It
Our Aluminum Collar has been repeatedly tested and can withstand the most intense weight lifting sessions.

How It Helps
Our Aluminum Collar is shaped like an industrial gear offering a consistent and secure grip throughout your most intense workouts.

What You Can Do With It
This collar is great for CrossFitters, Oly Lifters, and any athlete looking to upgrade their training.

In addition to promoting physical well-being, COREFX aims to inspire personal growth and encourage positive change.

COREFX is a fitness company that does more than create equipment. We're a fitness community that brings you everything you need.

The best way to get in shape anytime and anywhere! Order yours now!


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