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Barbell - Cerakote

Jump straight into our next generation of fitness equipment with this utility Cerakote Barbell. An absolute beast, our Cerakote Barbell is designed to be used for everything from bench press, squats, deadlifts, and any Olympic lifts. This weightlifting bar is made for your favourite commercial gym, but absolutely perfect for your home gym. Coming in at 20 kgs. this Barbell is designed for multi-purpose use. The dimensions of an Olympic Bar and knurling, pick up this bad boy and take it for a spin. The cerakote (ceramic and polymer) coating offers military grade protection to your heavy duty barbell. This cerakote bar will feel great on your hands and the coating will protect against corrosion and rust in all types of conditions. Bring this game changing barbell into your home gym and take your gains to the next level!
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Used extensively in the gun industry, and now in your home gym to build your guns. The Cerakote coating delivers an unparalleled level of protection and aesthetic you just won’t find in another Barbell. This barbell allows you to take our mantra the ‘Gym is wherever you are’ to literal terms and bring home the ultimate in exercise equipment. Easy on the eyes, but far from it on your muscles. Get those gains.
Originally used in the military and gun industry for its remarkable durability, this barbell is made with a ceramic and polymer coating rendering this bar is almost maintenance free. The coating reduces corrosion, abrasion of the bar and helps make this barbell the striking centerpiece in your home gym.
Cerakote Barbell sleeve and end cap details
COREFX Cerakote Barbell with Loadable Sleeve
& Effective
Made with steel and coated in cerakote, this barbell is created to last through heavy and consistent lifting. Designed to hold up to 1500 lbs. this will be your favourite piece of exercise equipment, we guarantee it.
Male athlete performing squats with a weight loaded barbell
Workout Tool
Improve your athletic performance, increase your strength and save time by performing the Big 4 exercises (squat, bench press, overhead press & deadlift) all with one piece of exercise equipment. Gains are no longer for just the gym. With the cerakote bar, the gym is wherever you are.
Athlete Peforming Deadlift with COREFX Cerakote Barbell


– Cerakote Finish
– Corrosion Resistance
– Shaft Diameter – 28 mm
– Knurl – 1.2 mm
– Bar Weight – 20 kgs.
– Max Loading Weight – 1500 lbs.
End Cap of Black and Red Cerakote Barbell

Additional information

Weight 45 lb
Dimensions 90 × 3 × 3 in

Why You Need It
The COREFX Cerakote Crossfit Barbell will take your home gym to a whole next level! Designed to prevent the bar from warping and reducing pressure on your wrists, this Barbell offers a great lifting experience.

How It Helps
This type of bar has strength to handle a variety of multi-purpose workouts. With its extreme weight capacity, and standard weight plate compatibility, this bar will help deliver results.

What You Can Do With It
Great for a variety of workouts such as squats and deadlifts, ab rollouts and much much more!

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