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Adjustable Hurdles

Bring a new challenge to your training and improve your speed, agility, and endurance with these 2-in-1 adjustable hurdles! Helps improve your cardio, running, and footwork drills to help you improve your speed. With the help of this kit, you will be able to boost your coordination, increase total body control, and ability to leap or jump. This set of 5 hurdles can be quickly adjusted in heights 8″ to 12″, to suit the difficulty of you’re the specific drill so you can get more out of your workout! The Hurdles also include a carry bag and have revolving legs that rotate inwards, making for easy storage!
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Incorporate the COREFX 2-in-1 Adjustable Hurdles into your agility training to help improve your explosive speed, boost coordination and enhance performance! With efficiency being crucial in your training, we have created agility hurdles that can be adjusted within a quick setup time, so you don’t waste time in between drills! Check out our training cones to enhance your agility training further.
The COREFX Adjustable Hurdle delivers a quick and effective, full-body workout in the convenience of your own home. It can be used for advanced athletes or beginners either indoors or out.
and agility
Give your speed and explosiveness a massive upgrade by building functional strength with COREFX adjustable training hurdles. They help you gain power, endurance, and speed – so you can take your performance to the next level!
Adjustable hurdles on gym turf
Training Tool
We are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals. No matter what your level of expertise, these hurdles will help you achieve peak performance around the field, court, or pitch.
female athlete jumping the Adjustable hurdles



Created with innovative back bounce construction, these hurdles not only look sleek and stylish but are incredibly durable. They are lightweight and are designed to meet the needs of all athletes, whether they are beginners or have been in the game for years.
close up of the corefx hurdle

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lb
Dimensions 19.291339 × 6.102362 × 13.779528 in

• TAKE YOUR WORKOUT ANYWHERE: Carry bag included, and highly visible colour so you can take your training with you on the go, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
• ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjust to vary your workout and improve your foot skills.

COREFX is a community-driven brand dedicated to helping you achieve the best shape of your life!

Whatever your fitness routine is, COREFX provides enough options for you to get the most out of it whether you're working out at home, in the gym, or playing sports.

Cross all the hurdles with these adjustable hurdles to meet your ultimate fitness goal! Grab yours now!


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