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Enter beast mode by training with the COREFX Weighted Vests. Add an extra element of intensity by adding extra weight while powering through your strength or cardio workouts. You’ll also be building more bone mass, which creates denser bones, connective tissue and an overall stronger muscoskeletal system.

Our Weighted Vests are designed to distribute weight equally, our weighted vests add hands-free resistance and weight to virtually any physical activity including walking, jogging, aerobics, squats, lunges, housework, yard work and more. Our vests include individual weighted bars that you can add and remove to adjust the weight and intensity of your exercises. We’ve developed a well-rounded lineup of weighted vests and other exercise equipment for athletes and new fitness novices alike. Delivering across Canada, you’ll get your hands on exercise equipment trusted by major commercial gyms and personal trainers everywhere.

This category includes: 20 lb Weighted Vest, 40 lb Weighted Vest.

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