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  • Sale! Barbell coated with red Cerakote design for ultimate protection

    Barbell – Cerakote

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  • Sale! COREFX EZ Curl Barbell Gym Equipment

    Olympic EZ Curl Bar

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  • Sale! COREFX 25 lb adjustable dumbbells set with stand

    The Lean Set: 25lb Adjustable Dumbbells Set with Stand

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  • Sale!

    Rubber Dumbbell Set: 5 – 25lb

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  • Sale! COREFX landmine set with the landmine handle and landmine post

    Landmine Set

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  • Sale! COREFX set with ankle weights and strength loop resistance band

    Booty Builder Set: Ankle Weights & Strength Loop

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  • Sale! COREFX Kettlebell

    Kettlebell (Open Box)

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  • Sale! COREFX Kettlebell bundle, 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb

    3-Piece Kettlebell Set

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  • Sale! COREFX Ankle Cuff Product Shot

    Ankle Cuff

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  • Sale! 25 pound COREFX adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbell – 25lbs

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  • Sale! COREFX 50 pound adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbell – 50lbs

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  • Sale! 10 pound rubber dumbbell

    Rubber Dumbbell

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COREFX is all about your strength from within. We’ve built a collection of Strength products that help you achieve all your goals no matter who & where you are. Whether you’re looking to grow your home gym, adding to your collection for your personal training clients, fill up your condo or commercial gym we have the products for you. We’ve developed a well-rounded lineup of exercise equipment for athletes and new fitness novices alike. Delivering across Canada, you’ll get your hands on equipment trusted by major commercial gyms and personal trainers everywhere

Our Strength fitness equipment are fundamental to a healthy and productive lifestyle. As many have found during the pandemic, exercise can also be beneficial for your mental health.  Incorporate functional exercises and movements with our unique line of exercise equipment whether you’re looking to bulk up, increase strength, get shredded, or just elevate your mood. Every part of your body can benefit from a well put together workout (explore our workouts) with our Strength equipment. Tone and build muscle in your arms, back, chest, core, glutes and legs. With the right products, your goals are literally some clicks, and a few reps away.

This category includes items such as Balance Boards, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Sleds, Strength Accessories, Weighted Vests & more. Remember, with COREFX exercise equipment, The Gym is Where You Are.

COREFX - Fitness Equipment

Strength From Within

The Gym is Wherever You Are

Athlete squatting with resistance bands
male athlete working out outside with the suspension trainer

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