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  • Resistance Loops Set

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  • COREFX resistance loop sleeve from the top

    Resistance Loop Sleeve

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  • COREFX set with ankle weights and strength loop resistance band

    Booty Builder Set: Ankle Weights & Strength Loop

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  • COREFX Strength Loop

    Strength Loops

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  • Sale! Product Shot of Flat Bands Set

    Flat Bands Set

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  • Sale! COREFX Mini Bands Set

    Mini Band Set

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  • Sale! Resistance Band Set

    Resistance Band Set

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  • COREFX Ultra Wide Bands

    Ultra-Wide Bands Set

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  • COREFX Ultra Wide Pro Loops

    Pro Loops Ultra-Wide

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  • COREFX Pro Loops

    Pro Loops

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  • Sale! Resistance Band - Product View

    Resistance Bands

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Whether you’re looking to build your legs and glutes or plow through a full body workout at home. COREFX bands and loops are the most versatile on the market. They also play an important role in sports med/rehab and are great for all workout programs.

The COREFX bands and loops have everything from flat bands to strength loops. Use the mini bands as an add on to your exercises. Everything from squats and lat pull downs and engage your stabilizers and kick up your squats. Our resistance bands are great replacements for free weights if you’re tight on space or want to work out on the road, perfect for rehab as well. COREFX bands are great for everything from curls, rows, presses & more. Combine them with our door anchors to take your workouts to the next level. We’ve developed a well-rounded lineup of resistance bands and loops for athletes and new fitness novices alike. Delivering across Canada, you’ll get your hands on exercise equipment trusted by major commercial gyms and personal trainers everywhere.

This category includes: Flat Band Sets, Mini Band Sets, Pro Loops, Resistance Bands, Resistance Band Sets, Strength Loops, Ultra-Wide Band Sets, Ultra-Wide Pro Loops.

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