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    Recovery Foam Roller and Ball Set

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  • COREFX 5in Foam Ball

    High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball

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  • Recovery Ball

    Recovery Ball

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  • Muscle Activator

    Muscle Activator

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Provide direct compression, relieve discomfort, tightness, and soreness with COREFX Massage Balls. Massage balls are effective at isolating problem areas in your body and enabling you to make permanent changes that increase your flexibility and eliminate pain.

Top physical therapists, massage therapists and athletes all love to use COREFX massage balls for their own self-care. They are designed to reach far into inner muscles & joints to iron out knots, relieve tightness, & and improve circulation. By relaxing contracted muscles, myofascial release therapy (MFR) improves blood circulation & stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles. Feel better, perform better. We’ve developed a well-rounded lineup of massage balls for athletes and new fitness novices alike. Delivering across Canada, you’ll get your hands on exercise equipment trusted by major commercial gyms and personal trainers everywhere.

This category includes: High Density 5 Inch Foam Massage Ball, Muscle Activator, Recovery Ball.

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