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When it comes to at-home workouts, the CORFEX Suspension Trainer is truly a game changer. The Suspension Trainer is one of my favourite products from COREFX because you can use it anywhere- at home or at the gym. Not only are you fighting against your own bodyweight, but you are also fighting against gravity. Sometimes, your workout routine needs a little fun and excitement and I believe the Suspension Trainer is a great way to mix up your strength training.

The COREFX Suspension Trainer will help:

  1. Build a strong core
  2. Help Improve balance
  3. Improve total body strength

Give these Suspension Trainer exercises a try:

Below are some of my favourite conditioning exercises using the Suspension Trainer that I like to incorporate in my workout routine. These exercises will fire up your core, back, shoulders, chest and legs!

Workout Structure:

  • Work – 30 Seconds
  • Rest – 10 Seconds
  • Movements/Exercises – 6
  • Sets – 4
  • Time/Duration: 16 Minutes

Back Row Extension:

Back rows with the Suspension Trainer are a staple in my at-home back and biceps workout. This exercise will really help strengthen your back.

  • Lean back against the straps facing your anchor point.
  • Engage your core and keep your ribs in to ensure you are in an upright position.
  • Pull yourself up, keeping your elbows close to your ribs.
  • Squeeze between your shoulder blades and lower with control.
  • The lower your starting position, the harder it is. Before performing this exercise, I highly recommend that you tug at the Suspension Trainer to ensure that it is secure.

Elevated Chest Press:

Your chest will get a great pump from this exercise!

  • Facing away from the anchor point, position yourself at a 40-degree angle with your arms straight.
  • Just like the back rows, engage your core and keep an upright position.
  • Lower yourself with control, bending at the elbows. Once your chest reaches your handle level, push yourself back up.
  • In simplest terms, this is a push up with the Suspension Trainer.

Bulgarian Split Squat:

Leave it to Bulgarian split squats to to have your quads, glutes, and abs screaming in no time! In a way, Bulgarian split squats are one-legged split squats.

  • Place one foot in one of the handles while facing away from the anchor point.
  • Lower yourself in a deep squat, creating an approximate 90-degree angle on your supporting leg as well as the elevated leg.
  • Keep your hips square and ensure your knee does not come too far forward over the ball of your foot.
  • Push yourself back up through your supporting foot’s heel.

Y Fly:

This exercise is great for strengthening your shoulders! We all want some boulder-shoulders, don’t try to convince me otherwise.

  • Lean back against the straps facing your anchor point- just like you did with the back rows.
  • Pull yourself up while creating a “Y” with your arms.
  • Keep your ribs in and pull back against the straps ensuring they are tight as possible. Lower yourself back down with control.

Assisted Pistol Squat:

I love doing pistol squats. They are challenging but that makes them so fun!

  • Facing toward the anchor point, bring your elbows tight to your sides while holding both handles.
  • Transfer all your weight onto one leg and lift your other leg to an approximate 45-degree angle.
  • Keep your leg flexed and straight to fire up your quad.
  • Lower yourself with control as if you are sitting into a chair and fire right back up.

Pike Plank:

Your abs will be on fire with this one, but in the best way possible!

  • Face away from your anchor point and hook both of your feet into the handles. Position yourself in a plank.
  • Then, drive your hips up to the ceiling, while bringing your head in between your shoulders.
  • Lower yourself back into a plank with control.

To end things off…

Your body is working very hard while integrating strength, mobility, and balance within one dynamic movement. Therefore, these movements are going to provide you with results VERY quickly!

I hope you found this blog helpful and get as sweaty as I did while doing this workout! 😉 – Julia

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