Scroll through our list of curated popular products for busy moms  For the on-the-go-moms, we offer the essential fitness equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re at the gym, at home, or your local bootcamp, we’ve got you. With COREFX THE GYM IS WHERE YOU ARE.

  • COREFX Adjustable aerobic Step platform

    Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform

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  • COREFX adjustable ankle and wrist weights

    Adjustable Ankle Weights

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  • COREFX Advanced Toner

    Advanced Toner

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  • COREFX Aerobic Step Riser

    Aerobic Step Riser

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  • COREFX Door Anchor

    Door Anchor

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  • Sale! Product Shot of Flat Bands Set

    Flat Bands Set

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  • Sale! COREFX Mini Bands Set

    Mini Band Set

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  • COREFX Power Tube

    Power Tubes

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  • COREFX Ultra Wide Pro Loops

    Pro Loops Ultra-Wide

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  • Recovery Mat

    Recovery Yoga Mat

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  • Sale! Resistance Band - Product View

    Resistance Bands

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  • COREFX resistance loop sleeve from the top

    Resistance Loop Sleeve

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  • Resistance Loops Set

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  • 10 pound rubber dumbbell

    Rubber Dumbbell

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  • COREFX Strength Loop

    Strength Loops

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  • COREFX Ultra Wide Bands

    Ultra-Wide Bands Set

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