EZ Curl Bar Guide: Killer Grips For Crazy Big Arms

Growing your muscles are as EZ as picking up the weight and working out right? We wish. There are so many pieces of exercise equipment out there that it can be overwhelming at times. Today we’re going to tackle a quite popular variation of the Barbell. The EZ Curl Bar.

First, the nitty gritty. The EZ Grip Curl Bar comes in shorter than your traditional Barbells. Usually around 47 inches in length and somewhere between 15-30 lbs they come in compact but sturdy! This size makes the EZ Curl Bar perfect for home gyms and small spaces. You can work everything from your biceps, triceps, chests and shoulders with this practical barbell. There are quite a few workouts you can perform with this bar, but we’ll focus on what different grips can achieve for your biceps. While the grip you choose is ultimately up to you and your comfort, various grips can help target different areas of your arms.

Exercise Equipment: EZ Curl Bar

EZ Curl Bar – Close Grip Curl:

Main Target: Biceps Brachii; More Focus on Long Head
Secondary Muscles: Brachialis, brachioradialis, forearm flexors

The most important feature of these barbells are the fact that they decrease strain on your wrists and elbows. Having a semi-supinated (partially turned up forearms) puts your forearm in a much more natural position.

With a close grip, your arms turn in and involve your long head (outer head) of your bicep. The long head makes up a good portion of your bicep and helps you build a better bicep peak. Suns out Guns out am I right? This grip will also recruit more of your forearm. For beautiful biceps in the body building pose, you definitely want to make sure you target the outer head of your biceps with the EZ Curl Bar.

EZ Curl Bar – Wide Grip Curl:

Athlete lifting EZ Grip Curl Bar with wide grip
EZ Grip Curl Bar – Wide Grip

Main Target:  Biceps Brachii; More Focus on Short Head
Secondary Muscles: Brachialis, brachioradialis, forearm flexors

The close grip was about the bicep peak, while the wide grip curl will be focused more on mass. The wide grip recruits more of your short head (inner head) of your bicep. With a focus on this, you can build your arms up to be thick, rounded and more well developed. This grip is the key to getting those legendary 20 inch biceps. With a wider grip, you’ll be able to increase your weight as your bar will follow a shorter path due to the external rotation. Ultimately, you’ll want to do both types of curls to get a perfectly balanced, perfectly built bicep.

Bonus:  In this study, you can find out how the EZ grip curl bar activates the Biceps and the Brachioradialis much more than the same curls using dumbbells.

EZ Curl Bar – Reverse Grip Curl:

Athlete lifting EZ Grip Curl Bar with reverse grip
EZ Grip Curl Bar – Reverse Grip

Main Target: Brachioradialis (Part of your forearm); Biceps Brachii (BB)
Secondary Muscles: Forearm Extensors

Balance is key, and very often one too many gym-goers are focused on regular bicep curls exclusively which may result in uneven arms. The Reverse grip allows you to develop well balanced arms by focusing on your forearms. This grip reduces wrist discomfort,

Start with half the weight you usually load in your traditional bicep (supinated) curls. This is because you wont be able to lift as much due to the focus being on your forearm vs your biceps. Focus on form; keep your elbows tucked and slow down your descent for a more effective set and less injuries. To make this curl even more difficult, you can go with a thumbless grip which will effectively target your Brachioradialis even more.

The EZ Curl Grip Bar is a great option for anyone from beginners to athletes. Varying your grip helps you attack different parts of your arms. Involving different grips on a regular basis helps bring a more balanced, vascular, symmetrical and aesthetic to your arms.

Look out for more informational articles and workouts in the future. Until then, grab your EZ Curl Bar and get lifting. Remember, with COREFX, the gym is where you are.

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