Athleticism requires movement that is based on a foundation of stabilization, rotation, balance and integrated whole body coordination. Learn drills and skills that transfer to sport, and movement progressions that scale from professional athlete to fitness enthusiast. Create the right mix of individual training, small group training and partner challenge experiences to round out program design that is fun, engaging and complete.

Experience three full workouts that show you how to integrate individual exercise progressions you learned. Build warriors from the ground up who know how to move and believe that their bodies will respond when commanded. Everyone wants to train and move like an athlete!

Upon successful completion of this workshop, attendees will become a certified COREFX Trainer.

COREFX Trainers will be provided the tools to Develop Personal Skill Sets with emphasis on:

  • Coaching athletes
  • Skill execution and demonstration
  • Session Planning
  • Constructing scalable performance-driven training session
  • Effective teaching techniques
  • Connecting with athletes using a variety of coaching approaches
165Certified Trainers
“My experience with COREFX has not only informed my practice as a coach but has allowed me to develop the creativity within my workouts to create a happy clientele. As a former athlete transitioning into a trainer role, COREFX immediately drew me in. I recognized the movements from previous training experiences but now was finally getting the knowledge and the oh so important “why”.

I support COREFX because the training and education are positioned as important as the equipment itself. The knowledge, intensity and versatility supports my pedagogy as a coach. COREFX and Kennedy Lodato motivated me to train like an athlete but also gave me the tools to support everyday people, who are looking for challenges, intensity and fun.”