Here’s how to level up your fitness routine with kettlebells


Kettlebells are a great way to add variety and challenge to your fitness routine. They are convenient and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for those who are looking to step up their workout game. Kettlebell workouts are incredibly effective and offer a range of benefits, including improved strength, balance, coordination and endurance. […]

A Simple Dumbbell Workout You Can Do At Home to Meet Your Fitness Goals

No matter how busy you are, it’s almost always possible to squeeze in a quick workout. Home gym equipment like dumbbells can be a great way to ensure that you’re maintaining your fitness goals even when time is tight. They’re small and portable so they don’t require much space, and they offer multiple benefits that […]

Challenging but Attainable Fitness Goals for Beginners

You’ve probably heard it before: the key to success in any new endeavour is setting realistic attainable fitness goals. Fitness is no different, and choosing achievable targets from the outset will make your journey that much smoother. But how do you know what’s achievable? Well, you could try asking yourself some challenging questions first… In […]

What are the 5 best home workouts to do at the end of a long day?

home workout with the COREFX ankle weights

Let’s be honest: It can be really hard to find the motivation to get up and exercise after a long day at work, or even just a long day in general. It’s so easy to fall into that trap of thinking there’s no way you can possibly squeeze in another workout before you head home […]

Here are 10 reasons you aren’t building muscle, and what you can do about it.

Here are 10 reasons you aren't building muscle, and what you can do about it.

When you first start working out, it’s common to see fast results. It won’t be long before you start hitting a plateau and seeing slower gains. You might feel like your body stops responding to the workouts you’re doing. The fact is, most people plateau because they aren’t feeding their body the right nutrients or […]

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Lifting Weights

5 reasons why everyone should be lifting weights

Lifting weights is a part of any good strength training program, and it’s not just for people who want to look like a bodybuilder. You might think that lifting weights will make you bulky and not all of us want that. But if you don’t lift weights, you’re missing out on some really great benefits. […]

The Best Time of Day to Work Out: How to Get Your Best Workout Results

Do you know the best time of day to exercise? If not, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know, either. This is due to the fact that research has yet to uncover concrete answers on this topic. However, there are some clues as to when our bodies respond best to exercise. So, let’s breakdown The […]

Do Your Warm Ups Really Matter: How Important Is It?

yoga stretch before a warm up - Do Your Warm Ups Really Matter: How Important Is It?

Before you start working out, it’s important to warm up. Warming up can help reduce the risk of injury by preparing your muscles, joints, and nervous system to handle the physical demands of your workout. Additionally, a properly stretched and flexed muscle has more space to fill with blood—a condition called venous return—which leads to […]

All The Benefits of Working Out At Home

garage workout

Working out at home eliminates the hassle of traffic, expensive membership fees, and finding an outfit that you feel good in. Working out from home is also a lot more affordable than joining a gym or buying a monthly workout subscription. You can squeeze in an effective workout anytime of the day without having to […]