Have you ever finished a leg day, and your legs are burning? Similarly, do you often feel that when a specific muscle group is burning, this can affect your entire body making you feeling like you have been hit with a sledge hammer that’s been set on fire?  If the answer is yes, you can thank the lactic acid formation that occurs during anaerobic training.

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Anaerobic training is a less efficient system than the aerobic system, although it allows you to perform and train when oxygen is not available to use as energy. Therefore, the body uses glucose and glycogen in the glycolytic system which can only withstand a certain threshold until the body cannot continue to perform. This is due to the accumulation of lactic acid that has occurred quite quickly when using this system, and eventually ATP or energy production slows down.

Point blank, your muscles give out because it cannot keep pushing the same weight and maintain sufficient energy, which is a GOOD thing. This means you are building muscle! However, usually the day after and even up to 3-4 days after you might notice your body is screaming in the form of uncomfortable aches and pains. The delay in muscle soreness is called delayed onset muscle soreness and can happen to anyone engaging in exercise from long distance runners, to weight lifters, to high intensity trainers!


I have a solution for your aching muscles, you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging! The COREFX High Density Foam Roller is a great recovery tool to help mitigate the muscle soreness impact the following days. When you use the foam roller, consider it like clearing out unwanted waste from your life like a girlfriend or boyfriend that’s been causing you distress for way too long, (shoot I’ve already said too much!). Anyway, the fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue that encloses the muscle. Without proper movement, the fibers will not form in the correct pattern, therefore creating pain and inhibiting movement.

Using a foam roller helps to smooth out these connective tissues as well as break up the lactic acid that accumulates in your body after working out. Foam rolling regularly can improve your hamstring flexibility, balance, decrease fatigue and reduce your likelihood of being sore! Try rolling out 10 minutes prior to exercise and 10 minutes after. Just as an added bonus practicing a regular rolling regime can help you lengthen muscles and tap into stabilizing muscles like your core, inner thighs and obliques. This may even improve your posture and provide you the height advantage you’ve always wanted by decompressing your spine and other joints!

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I think we all know that in order to see results, soreness is a part of the game. Although feeling like you got hit by a sledge hammer that is on fire sucks!! Having a tool in your recovery arsenal that can save your body against this onslaught of severe pain is a sure way too improve your performance and your overall results! it’s time to start rolling out!

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This is a guest post featuring: Master Trainer, Jason Christo

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