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There’s no denying it’s wedding season! Summer is here and every weekend from here on out we’ll hear about brides taking their stride down the aisle…including yours truly! August 25th is my big day!

As a fitness and wellness coach, of course I’m being asked how I’m preparing for the big day – what’s my fitness routine, am I on some crazy diet, how am I staying organized and stress free with all the planning? Well I’m hear to dish out & tell you all my little secrets of how I’m getting ready for the big day!

Here are my top 5 tips of what you should and shouldn’t sweat for leading up to a wedding!!


1.  DO sweat for exercise 


You’re busy, I get it! Currently I am working full time, taking online courses for a degree, coaching online clients, planning a wedding, and I just moved to a new city…I am on the busy bus too! But exercise is always a top priority – why? – because movement is what enables your body to increase its energy, produce endorphins (happy hormones), and stay overall healthy!


**Always remember to prioritize exercise at least 4 days a week. Your body will thank you both physically and mentally – and you will FEEL the rewards of routine exercise!


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2.  DON’T sweat for time management (use a planner)


Whether paper or digital, get yourself a planner and organize your time. I promise you will be 10x more productive and successful if you plan your time. I use google calendar myself, I like being able to access it across multiple devices. Every morning I start with 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise before I do anything else, and I have that hour blocked off in my planner. Getting a workout done first thing in the morning eliminates so many opportunities for me to make excuses about why I don’t have time for a workout if I wait and schedule it for later in the day. Exercising in the morning is also such a confidence boost – I feel so accomplished, awake and strong after finishing a morning sweat sesh!!


3. DO sweat about staying organized


I’ll admit to you now, I’m an organization-loving type of person. My life is colour-coded, bin-sorted, and file-folded! One month into our engagement, my fiancé gave me the best gift – a super cute file folder from Indigo/Chapters for all our wedding papers (what can I say, he knows me so well!). This file folder is truly a life saver – each file section is labelled with venue, caterer, florist, rentals, DJ, groomsmen, bridesmaids, receipts, etc. All the paperwork and notes are in one place and I can reference exactly what has been planned, ordered, confirmed, and paid for!


4. DON’T sweat about details (ask for help and delegate tasks)


Yes, you want to sweat during your pre-wedding exercise – but no, you do not want to sweat about wedding details! Stay calm, no need to go all bridezilla in the lead up months to your wedding. One thing I’ve learned over the past 6 months of being engaged is that everyone is so beyond excited for you to get married and they all want to do whatever they can to make your big day all that you want it to be. Family and friends are such blessings and they really do want you to be happy and stress free for your wedding. So when people ask if they can help, let them! Delegate tasks either leading up to the wedding or on the big day itself. Be specific with what you want and let people help – it takes a bit of weight off your shoulders and your family/friends will enjoy being a part of your wedding!


  5. DO sweat about how you fuel your body


I am a big advocate for ‘food as fuel’. Our bodies need certain nutrients to properly function each day – you wouldn’t fill your car with ketchup and expect it to drive so why would we expect our bodies to work properly if we fill them with junk food?? If you’re feeling fatigued, foggy, bloated, having food cravings, etc, chances are you aren’t fueling your body properly. My tip here is NOT that you need to eat healthy foods to lose weight or look good for your wedding – my tip is that you should be eating healthy foods to fuel your body, feel good, and be in a good position of wellness during the (possible) stress that can be present leading up to and during the wedding. If we take away the stress placed on our body of eating unhealthy food, then we are more likely to calmly work through other stressors in life!



Final note: to all the brides and bridesmaids reading this – make exercise a priority, stay calm and organized, and fuel your body with good foods – you will rock this summer and of course, your big day! All the best ladies!!





Jessica Beebe

This is a guest post featuring: Jessica Beebe

Jessica Beebe is a passionate health and fitness coach of over eight years. She loves empowering both men and women with a mindset of wellness to achieve their goals. Jessica’s degree in gerontology gives her a unique depth of knowledge in how the body ages and where changes will be reflected physically, mentally and emotionally, in regards to fitness and wellness. Jessica is excited to be expanding her coaching to online clients of all fitness levels.

Facebook: Jessica Beebe Wellness
Instagram: @BeebeBodyWellness





Hey! Is it possible to feel something you can’t touch?

Well I can guarantee you that the skipping rope is something you feel long after you have put the rope down!

If you are wondering how you can transform those tedious and boring workouts you’ve been doing into something WAY more fun…such as going down a roller coaster at TOP speed? If so, then keep reading!

Ok, so call me crazy but there’s something really cool about freestyling the skipping rope that can tap into important body systems that will help you build muscle and burn fat. The anaerobic and the aerobic system are 2 systems that are directly involved when we incorporate the skipping rope. In more simple terms, the more intense and explosive your skipping workouts are will determine how likely you are to use the anaerobic system. The benefits of this include an increase in fat burning in a shorter period of time, as it creates more demand in energy from your body which translates into a greater need for epoc – excess post oxygen consumption, or poetically named “afterburn effect.” By popular demand it puts your body in a higher metabolic rate for a longer period of time and requires more time to bring your energy back to normal. This then results in an increase amount of fat burning post exercise! An example of this would be high knee jumps with the COREFX Thin-Grip Speed Rope.

OREFX Thin-Grip Speed Rope













Before You Jump:

  1. Maintain your balance by looking straight ahead.
  2. Maintain an upright posture.
  3. Maintain your weight on the balls of your feet.
  4. Jump only high enough to clear the rope (approx. 1 inch off the ground).
  5. Land lightly on the balls of your feet.
  6. Keep your elbows near your sides.
  7. Maintain your elbow joints at a 45-degree angle.
  8. When turning the rope, make 2-inch circles with your wrists.
  9. Do not sacrifice good form for speed.

Alternating Single-Foot Jumps:

Once you’ve gotten comfortable jumping with both feet at the same time, try alternating feet, like you are jogging in place while the rope passes beneath you on each step. It will take some practice to get the hang of this, and it may feel awkward at first, but in time you should feel just as natural jumping in this fashion as with both feet together.

In addition, to alternating feet on every jump, I recommend practicing repeated single-foot jumps. For example, perform two left-foot jumps followed by two right-foot jumps. Again, stay light on your feet and keep your weight toward your toes.

Now that both your form and technique is where it should be, it’s time to take things to the next level! To burn fat, it is important to incorporate a plyometric form of training which involves explosive movement, which can further increase the oxygen demand for the body, and allow for you to rely on your good buddy the anaerobic system! Your goal is to jump with your feet 1/4 to 1/2 inches off the ground, while moving the rope around your head and under your feet at a comfortable pace.

How to complete high knee jumps:

  1. Jump up knees first and tuck your knees to your chest
  2. At the same time while holding onto the handle bars of the rope complete a revolution so the rope goes over your head in the front forward direction and under your feet.
  3. Repeat this without pausing for 30seconds -60seconds (rest for 20-30seconds in between and repeat x10.)
  4. To make this easier include small jumps in between each knee tuck where your feet only get off the ground 1/4 to 1/2 inch to catch your breath and prepare for the next knee tuck.
  5. To make this harder you can complete a double revolution with the skipping rope so that the rope travels up over your head and under your feet 2x before your few touch the ground after your knee tuck.

For all of your training levels there are a variety of skipping ropes that will fit your specific needs and help you achieve your goals!

COREFX Thin-Grip Speed Rope:
Designed for speed with it’s ultra-thin cable bushing design, improving spin control and efficiency! Easily adjustable to custom suit you for optimal performance!

COREFX Thin Grip Speed Rope








COREFX Soft Grip Speed Rope:
Designed for the ultimate comfort with it’s lightweight handles and ergonomic grip! Easily adjustable to fit to your body and your needs!

CORFEX Soft-Grip Speed Rope









COREFX Speed Rope:
Designed for optimal grip with it’s TPR web non-slip handles. Features adjustable rope length with it’s removable handle caps!

CORFEX Speed Rope








COREFX Double Under Speed Rope:
Designed for CrossFit double unders and speed jumping. Made from ultra-thin cable encased in vinyl with a unique handle connection point for maximum rotation speed!

COREFX Double Under Speed Rope









Remember, the next time you are deciding between going on a roller coaster, or hanging with some friends you’ll be glad you chose the skipping rope and a corner in the gym, trust me.

It’s GO TIME. Let’s see what you can do!


This is a guest post featuring: Master Trainer, Jason Christo

Jason Christo is a Master Trainer and health and wellness author of over 10 years, that has helped people around the world realize their health and body goals. This former semi professional athlete has a degree in psychology which he has used to expand into his fitness business with an approach that always includes motivational and empowering components specifically designed to give his clients the edge. He is an outside the box trainer that tests the limits of what people think they can achieve in order to get them to places they never thought possible.

Facebook: Jason Christo
Instagram: jason_christo 
Website: jasonchristo.com