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There’s no denying it’s wedding season! Summer is here and every weekend from here on out we’ll hear about brides taking their stride down the aisle…including yours truly! August 25th is my big day!

As a fitness and wellness coach, of course I’m being asked how I’m preparing for the big day – what’s my fitness routine, am I on some crazy diet, how am I staying organized and stress free with all the planning? Well I’m hear to dish out & tell you all my little secrets of how I’m getting ready for the big day!

Here are my top 5 tips of what you should and shouldn’t sweat for leading up to a wedding!!


1.  DO sweat for exercise 


You’re busy, I get it! Currently I am working full time, taking online courses for a degree, coaching online clients, planning a wedding, and I just moved to a new city…I am on the busy bus too! But exercise is always a top priority – why? – because movement is what enables your body to increase its energy, produce endorphins (happy hormones), and stay overall healthy!


**Always remember to prioritize exercise at least 4 days a week. Your body will thank you both physically and mentally – and you will FEEL the rewards of routine exercise!


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2.  DON’T sweat for time management (use a planner)


Whether paper or digital, get yourself a planner and organize your time. I promise you will be 10x more productive and successful if you plan your time. I use google calendar myself, I like being able to access it across multiple devices. Every morning I start with 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise before I do anything else, and I have that hour blocked off in my planner. Getting a workout done first thing in the morning eliminates so many opportunities for me to make excuses about why I don’t have time for a workout if I wait and schedule it for later in the day. Exercising in the morning is also such a confidence boost – I feel so accomplished, awake and strong after finishing a morning sweat sesh!!


3. DO sweat about staying organized


I’ll admit to you now, I’m an organization-loving type of person. My life is colour-coded, bin-sorted, and file-folded! One month into our engagement, my fiancé gave me the best gift – a super cute file folder from Indigo/Chapters for all our wedding papers (what can I say, he knows me so well!). This file folder is truly a life saver – each file section is labelled with venue, caterer, florist, rentals, DJ, groomsmen, bridesmaids, receipts, etc. All the paperwork and notes are in one place and I can reference exactly what has been planned, ordered, confirmed, and paid for!


4. DON’T sweat about details (ask for help and delegate tasks)


Yes, you want to sweat during your pre-wedding exercise – but no, you do not want to sweat about wedding details! Stay calm, no need to go all bridezilla in the lead up months to your wedding. One thing I’ve learned over the past 6 months of being engaged is that everyone is so beyond excited for you to get married and they all want to do whatever they can to make your big day all that you want it to be. Family and friends are such blessings and they really do want you to be happy and stress free for your wedding. So when people ask if they can help, let them! Delegate tasks either leading up to the wedding or on the big day itself. Be specific with what you want and let people help – it takes a bit of weight off your shoulders and your family/friends will enjoy being a part of your wedding!


  5. DO sweat about how you fuel your body


I am a big advocate for ‘food as fuel’. Our bodies need certain nutrients to properly function each day – you wouldn’t fill your car with ketchup and expect it to drive so why would we expect our bodies to work properly if we fill them with junk food?? If you’re feeling fatigued, foggy, bloated, having food cravings, etc, chances are you aren’t fueling your body properly. My tip here is NOT that you need to eat healthy foods to lose weight or look good for your wedding – my tip is that you should be eating healthy foods to fuel your body, feel good, and be in a good position of wellness during the (possible) stress that can be present leading up to and during the wedding. If we take away the stress placed on our body of eating unhealthy food, then we are more likely to calmly work through other stressors in life!



Final note: to all the brides and bridesmaids reading this – make exercise a priority, stay calm and organized, and fuel your body with good foods – you will rock this summer and of course, your big day! All the best ladies!!





Jessica Beebe

This is a guest post featuring: Jessica Beebe

Jessica Beebe is a passionate health and fitness coach of over eight years. She loves empowering both men and women with a mindset of wellness to achieve their goals. Jessica’s degree in gerontology gives her a unique depth of knowledge in how the body ages and where changes will be reflected physically, mentally and emotionally, in regards to fitness and wellness. Jessica is excited to be expanding her coaching to online clients of all fitness levels.

Facebook: Jessica Beebe Wellness
Instagram: @BeebeBodyWellness





Hey you! What are you doing!!? There are only 3 and a half months left of summer and you haven’t had an outside workout yet!? Well lucky for you, I am here to give you a little motivation! If you find yourself having trouble figuring out what type of workouts to do outside, I am here to change that! It’s time to break out of those 4 walls and low ceilings and into an ambiance of blue sky’s, hot weather, nature, a beach, and some vitamin D! The outside world is like the Disney land of workout space, with an endless amount of possibilities!

Take my hand, now please let go… I am about to detail a few ways you can use awesome outdoor equipment to get creative, have fun and take your outside workout to the next level!

COREFX Battle Ropes:

Working out outside and not utilizing a Battle Rope to help you burn fat and get ripped is like going to a pool and forgetting your bathing suit at home… like come on are you serious!? This piece of equipment is a must have! All you need is somewhere to wrap the long rope around like a tree stump, the legs on a park bench, a street pole, your boyfriend or girlfriends ankles … (okay maybe not the last one) but you get my drift! Find somewhere to wrap the rope around and bring the 2 handles together in front of whatever you used to wrap the rope around and voila! There are many different ways you can use the battle ropes. Check below for a few ways to use the Battle Ropes with your next outside workout!

Alternating arms

  1. Sit down in a squat position
  2. Hold both ends of the battle rope in each hand
  3. Alternate both arms moving them up and down with force
  4. Continue at FULL speed and power for 10 -15 seconds
  5. Go for 15 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and repeat x10

















1 arm rope slam

  1. Grab a handle of the battle rope
  2. Sit down into a squat position
  3. Explode out raising your arm in the air as high as it can go while extending your legs and upper body all at the same time
  4. From your extended position slam the rope down as hard as you can so it hits the ground
  5. Repeat the above motions from 1-4 with as much power and force as you can!! If you are not tired after 15 seconds max your intensity is too low!
  6. Go for 20 seconds and rest for 20 seconds and repeat x10
















COREFX Wall Ball:

This is a great fat burning body sculpting weapon every outside training warrior should have in their arsenal! All you need is a flat surface you can throw it at. I recommend a wall from a near by building or a fence! Get creative! If you can’t find a wall or a fence there are also many ways to use this outdoor workout tool without needing a flat surface!!

Squat with power throw:

  1. Find an open area
  2. Hold the ball directly in front of you
  3. Lower your body into a squat
  4. Power up and explode upwards from your squat throwing the ball as high in the air as possible over your head
  5. Run to the ball as fast as you can and repeat steps 1-4.
  6. Remember to engage your core/ abs by keeping a neutral spine and tightening them up during the power up and follow through over your head.
  7. Go for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds and repeat x10

















Wall ball force throw:

  1. Find a wall or something that can absorb a hit from a wall ball. This doesn’t have to be the wall from games of thrones, all you need is a flat surface! Fences work great too
  2. Stand in front of the wall with the ball in front of your chest
  3. Squat down keeping your spine neutral while holding the ball at chest level.
  4. Explode out from your squat throwing the ball directly forward by extending your arms towards the wall from the squat position.
  5. Use your core legs and upper body to power through the throw!
  6. Repeat steps 1-4
  7. Go for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and repeat x10
















The above workout tool box brings you a few items among many that you can use in a creative, fun and fat torching way that will have you seeing results in no time!

With the never ending benefits of working out outside, and your COREFX toolbox with the latest in fat burning and body sculpting, you are ready for battle! It’s time to enjoy yourself have some fun, get creative and break a sweat for crying out loud! Without further ado … I now dub you an outside warrior, let’s get moving!


This is a guest post featuring: Master Trainer, Jason Christo

Jason Christo is a Master Trainer and health and wellness author of over 10 years, that has helped people around the world realize their health and body goals. This former semi professional athlete has a degree in psychology which he has used to expand into his fitness business with an approach that always includes motivational and empowering components specifically designed to give his clients the edge. He is an outside the box trainer that tests the limits of what people think they can achieve in order to get them to places they never thought possible.

Facebook: Jason Christo
Instagram: jason_christo 



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