The 2018 fitness trend that will give you the ULTIMATE full body workout!

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You win some and you lose some, although what’s important is that you win the war on toning up,  burning fat and building muscle!  If I can tell you anything, nothing is more important than getting your health where you want it to be. Although, in case you happen to be more concerned about fitting into that new outfit for next week or trimming down those last few areas of body fat, the COREFX Covered Battle Ropes are something to add to your arsenal!

CORFEX Covered Battle Rope


The Covered Battle Ropes work by targeting your anaerobic system which is your bodies system that kicks in during highly intense training like sprints or weight lifting. This is in contrast  to your aerobic system which kicks in during lower endurance type training. Now of course you can manipulate battle ropes so that you are slowing down the speed and intensity just like you would a sprint to a jog to a walk. However, I would recommend doing these babies full out with everything you got ! Leave nothing left in the tank. This will make sure your tapping into a high intensity interval style training approach that increases the amount of fat you burn post workout, in contrast to the aerobic system which tends to burn fat for the time periods that you are working out and not afterwards. You can of course set the intervals to what you want ! The thing to remember is the higher intensity you go the less time you will be able to maintain that power!

Try starting with 15-30 seconds and resting for 30seconds in between. You can always manipulate the rest you take between sets as well, where less rest between your sets means increased intensity! Which ideally is what you want.  An awesome move you can use with these is what I call battle slams. All this means is you hold both ends of the ropes in each hand, drop down into a squat position and use your core strength and arms to pick those babies up and slam them back down into the ground.

Look, battles will be fought, but I prefer to go into every battle prepared to win with the right equipment! Remeber, you can give yourself the advantage on the war against fat burning and muscle building with the COREFX Covered Battle Rope battle, period.


This is a guest post featuring: Master Trainer, Jason Christo

Jason Christo is a Master Trainer and health and wellness author of over 10 years, that has helped people around the world realize their health and body goals. This former semi professional athlete has a degree in psychology which he has used to expand into his fitness business with an approach that always includes motivational and empowering components specifically designed to give his clients the edge. He is an outside the box trainer that tests the limits of what people think they can achieve in order to get them to places they never thought possible.

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